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Picture showing Vengeance Power Engine making its debut at the S.A.E. World Congress in Detroit on April 20, 2009.

Vengeance Power Inc. is an engine development company made up of Research Engineers, Rapid Prototyping, Motive Power, High-End 3-D CAD Designers, Product Development experts and private investment groups.  We are presently working on a new type of engine that is slated to replace any engine in use today with better efficiency, cleaner emissions and a higher power-to-weight ratio.  We are also focusing on power generation from waste heat.  Our goal is to develop the technology for licensing worldwide for various uses including stationary & portable power generation, automotive, marine, aerospace and defense.

The Vengeance Power Engine was chosen as the favorite of five best new engines when it made its first debut at the 2009 SAE World Congress in Detroit, Michigan.

Successful internal combustion firing tests proved out the Otto Cycle concept where all four cycles of Intake, Compression, Power and Exhaust  were demonstrated. 

Vengeance Power Inc. was recognized as a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Industry Innovator  at the 2010 SAE World Congress in Detroit, Michigan.

The engine ran successfully on external combustion using steam proving out the Rankine Cycle.  This demonstrated the engine‚Äôs ability to run on waste fuels and as a waste heat engine.  A torque output test also proved the tremendous torque output predicted in the CAD model.  These tests also demonstrated the engine as a viable Organic Rankine Cycle engine using refrigerant vapor pressure from low-grade waste heat sources.  Compressed air tests demonstrated the wide range of applications including C.A.E.S (Compressed Air Energy Storage) systems.

The Vengeance Power Engine successfully ran on the Brayton Cycle.  An external combustion chamber was mounted on the engine and various fuels including gasoline were combusted to provide the force to spin the output shaft.  The addition of the Brayton Cycle makes it possible to raise the efficiency by combining the Rankine Cycle which allows the engine to run on both cycles simultaneously.  The Brayton Cycle in conventional turbines requires high velocities since they do not have sealed expansion chambers.  Because the Vengeance Power Engine has sealed expansion chambers, the speed required to do work is much lower.  This makes it a truly positive displacement sealed turbine engine.

Vengeance Power Inc. was recently awarded the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) award for the Innovation Challenge Competition in September, 2012. 

In December 2012, Vengeance Power Inc. was chosen by a world military supplier to begin discussions on implementation for waste heat recovery applications in battlefield / tactical applications. 

A more compact 6-Vane configuration of the Vengeance Power design was built and tested on compressed air as a dedicated expander which is not limited to any particular size.  This was done in a real 1972 Corvette chassis and demonstrated on a chassis dynamometer providing tremendous torque at low speeds and pressures.  This enables the use of any pressurized fluid to drive the Vengeance Power Expander including air (CAES), steam, ORC fluids, external combustion (Brayton cycle), supercritical fluids and pulse detonation.  When running on steam, condensation occurring within the Expander as the fluid expands and cools had no negative effect.  In fact, our Expander doubles as a formidable Hydraulic Motor providing incredibly high smooth rotary torque with no pistons.  It can also run in reverse as a compressor or pump.

Working with our local University...

We believe in working with our community to advance research and development, giving students an opportunity to work with the latest industrial technologies and supporting our local economy. 

Our unique combination of skills and resources make it possible to overcome the many hurdles that prevent most inventions from ever reaching the market.
The Vengeance Power Engine is currently patented worldwide.  Ask about our licensing options! 



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